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June 29th, 2012

Here’s the lowdown on gold/group shows. They are a very economical way to get shows with your favorite cam girls without shelling out those crazy per minute prices. Not only are they a great deal to the customer but the camgirl usually ends up making more money than she would from doing a private per minute private show.

The Simple Breakdown

1. Cam model sets a goal amount to reach in order to perform a show (ex. $300)
2. Cam model sets the length of the show she will perform once goal is reached (ex. 10 minutes)
3. Cam model sets the buy in price for each customer to pay individually (ex. $10)
4. Cam model sets the timer countdown in which she must reach her goal (ex. 15 minutes)

Pledging Gold

Once the countdown begins, the customers may then PLEDGE towards the show. It’s not advised to wait till the last minute because there’s a chance that the goal won’t be reached in time if everyone goes by the philosophy of waiting. If you want the show and want to take advantage of the awesome deal, by all means, pledge ASAP! This will motivate the other guys to chip in too. The cam model will love you, thank you, blow you kisses, and even tease you in free chat to say thanks. But don’t worry about “wasting” your gold! The cam model does not actually get your gold and you are not charged unless the show is completed in full! That means that even if her internet dies in the last 30 seconds of her show, it’s a free show for everyone and she gets no money. Sucks for her, huh? I just want to be very clear on this subject since I think many guys get nervous about pledging gold early on.

The show will start as soon as the cam model reaches her goal. If a customer is generous and really likes the girl, one may pledge more than the minimum buy-in to help reach the goal sooner. At the end of the countdown timer, the model may either choose to cancel the show therefore forfeiting all gold pledged to her OR go ahead with the show anyways even though she didn’t get the entire goal. If the show is cancelled, nobody gets charged. Some models offer incentives for customers to pledge extra gold such as extra attention during the show, flashing her boobs in free chat before the official show starts, or even a free video sent to the customer after the show.

Free Chat Etiquette : Tips on how NOT to get banned

A word to the wise. The last thing you want to do is piss off a cam model. She’ll probably banish you from her room forever and that would be very sad indeed. So here’s a few tips of customer etiquette. Common sense: don’t be rude. Don’t insult her, duh! Don’t bring up the names of other cam models in chat unless you know the two girls like each other or unless the cam model brings up it up first. Also, cam girls don’t take kindly to guys in their free chat commanding them to do things. How would you like it if someone was barking orders at you when you’re not even getting paid? Cam models do love to entertain you! That’s their job lol. But they entertain for tips. So if you do want a cam model to take your requests in free chat and pay special attention to you, at least give gold or pledge gold towards her show. And lastly, many cam models hate when chatters simply park in their chat room without talking or paying No silent wanking in free chat!

Now that you have read all that, it’s time to show you the pretty pictures. I didn’t want to distract you before :)

Diamond James
Daisy Lynn
Rachel Storms

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